Financial Planning and Investment Management

Our financial planning philosophy is focused on understanding each client’s unique set of circumstances and preferences.  To do this, we’ll ask the right questions . . . and listen.

When appropriate, a formal questionnaire is utilized to identify critical goals and objectives, along with time horizons, income requirements, return expectations, tax considerations and risk tolerance.

We’ll develop a well diversified investment strategy commensurate with those goals and objectives.  After effectively communicating the strategy to each client, timely implementation of the mutually agreed upon strategy is then initiated.

Individual investments selected for each portfolio must meet or exceed extensive due diligence standards, including quantitative and qualitative performance criteria.  All investments are continuously monitored to insure above benchmark performance.

Ongoing assessment and diligent monitoring of the strategy is a vital ingredient of our philosophy, including overall portfolio and strategy performance, combined with periodic client reviews to determine if adjustments are necessary to accommodate changes in the client’s circumstances and preferences.

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